Maoz Fellows

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Amir Baballah

VP of Marketing & Sales, HAAT Delivery

Amir Strugo

CEO, Aharai

Amira Kasem

CEO, Job360

Anan Maalouf

Director of the Public Transportation Development in the Arab Society Localities Division, Public Transportation Authority  

Asif Izak

Mayor, Hof HaCarmel Regional Council

Auni Banna

Product Director, Nadsoft

Adi Gigi

GM and CEO, Tesla EMEA


Avi Milikovsky

Expert on High Court of Justice Issues, State Attorney's Office, High Court of Justice Department, Ministry of Justice

Avi Mimran

Media Personality, Radio Broadcaster on Kol-Chai, CEO of the Mesugalim Organization

Avi Snir

Founder & CEO, Elevation

Ayelet Grinbaum Arizon

Senior Deputy Director-General for Strategic and Economic Planning, Ministry of Health

Dana Pitelis Kaduri

Head of Political Affairs for Minister of Foreign Affairs and Alternate Prime Minister MK Yair Lapid, Alternate Prime Minister's Office

David Zalts

Deputy Mayor, Beitar Illit Municipality 

Dikla Aaharon Shafran

Health Correspondent & Anchorwoman, Israeli Public Broadcasting Corporation

Dina Shoval

Growth Engines & HQ Director, Strauss Food Division, Strauss

Efrat Brand

Senior Deputy to the Attorney General, Planning Administration

Efrat Duvdevani

General Director, Peres Center for Peace and Innovation

Emad El-Sana

CEO, Idan HaNegev Industrial Park

Firas Khatib

CEO, Nas Radio

Guy Mor

Chief of Legislation and Regulation, Israel Fire & Rescue Authority

Gvira Milworm

CEO, Temech

Hadas Shapira Madmoni

Deputy Head of Human Resources Department, Israel Police

Hila Sheinok

Director of Macro Economics & Policy Department, Economics Division, General Organization of Workers in Israel 

Ido Grinblum

Head of Council, Kiryat Tivon Local Council

Ifat Citroen

Head of Strategy Division, Strategy Division, Labor Branch

Ilanit Aslka Bito

Attorney, Senior Deputy in the High Court of Justice Department, State Attorney's Office, Ministry of Justice

Itzhak Brener

Deputy Mayor, Givat Zeev Local Council

Itzik Daniel

Head of Infrastructure Department, Budget Division, Ministry of Finance

Jawad Abu Elhija

Chief of Staff & Senior Consultant to the Chairman of the Joint List Political Party, Israeli Knesset

Kerem Nevo

 Chief of Staff to COO & CEO of WIX and CEO of Israeli Growth Forum

Liel Kyzer

Senior Economic Affairs Correspondent & Anchor, Israeli Public Broadcasting Corporation

Maayan Nesher

Budget & Business Development Department Head, Ayalon Highways

Maayan Snir

Partner & Advisor at FBC & Co., and Consultant to the Israel Builders Association

Mahmoud Rahman

Senior Deputy Director of Salary and Employment Agreements, Ministry of Finance 

Matan Yagel

Head of Real Estate Team, Budget Division, Ministry of Finance

Meir Deutsch

Director-General, Regavim

Menachem Shapira  

Deputy Mayor of Bnei Brak and Head of the Municipal Branh of the Degel HaTorah Party, Bnei Brak Municipality

Michal Lev

CEO, Movilot

Mohammad Saleh

Director & Deputy CEO, King Store

Nariman Sleman

Head of Arab Society Employment, Manager of the Rayan Project, Be-Atzmi

Noa Elefant Loffler

Director of Government Affairs and Public Policy, Google Israel

Or Rozen

VP Sales, Amazon Web Services

Ron Kormos

Chief of Staff to the Minister of Health, Ministry of Health

Ronen Avniely

Brigadier General Head, shfela Sub District, Central Region, Israel National Police

Shlomo Ne’eman

Mayor, Gush Etzion Regional Council

Shady Haddad

VP Employers and People Manager, Co-Impact 

Tamar Ish Shalom

Saturday Evening News Anchorwoman, News 13 Reshet

Adi Gigi

GM and CEO, Tesla EMEA


Adi Gigi

GM and CEO, Tesla EMEA