Makom Fellows

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Ahmad Sheikh Muhammad

CEO, The Galilee Society

Alaa Igbariah

VP of Creative – Planning, Samara Marketing

Amit Ben Schachar

 Deputy Director of Development and Infrastructure, Bat Yam Municipality

Azmi Kabiah

Integrator for Resource Utilization and Economic Development, Local Council Of Bosmat Tivon

Bayan Matary

CEO, Municipality of Tamra

Binyamin Arviv

Deputy Legal Adviser in the Planning Administration (Legislation), Ministry of Interior

Chava Mondroeitz

Commissioner of Business Licensing, Ministry of Interior

Efrat Shahar

Deputy Director General, IFCJ – Internationail Fellowship Of Christians and Jews

Eitan Felsenstein

CEO, Tamam Group

Eitan Cohen

Director of the Budgeting Division, Interior Ministry

Elad Klein

Commander of the Taibeh Police Station, Israel Police

Erez Granit

Director Of Grants, Mifal Hapais

Gila Taushtein

Manager of the Social Services Department,  Municipality of Ramat Gan

Hadar Brin Weiss

Deputy CEO and Chief Legal Officer, Clal Insurance Enterprises Holdings Ltd

Hanadi Shaer

Director of Government Relations, Ajeec Nisped Negev 

Hayfa Assadi

Department Head, Local Council Dier Al-asad

Helana Agbarya

Head of the Social Services Department, Department of Social Services Municipality of Umm al-Fahm

Herut Chasid

Legal Advisor, Electricity Authority

Idan Hershkovitz

Senior Director of the Economic Development of Local Municipalities, Ministry of Interior

Jadaan Safadi

Head of the Israeli Authority for Community Safety, Ministry of Public Security

Li-at Cohen

CEO, Western Galilee Cluster

Lilach Szaingurten

CEO, Shaar Hanegev Regional Council

Livnat Uliantski

Deputy Director, Israel Land Authority

Livnat Haspir Dahan

Treasurer, Tiberias Municipality

Maya Baram

Assistant manager of the senior planning division, Goverment Authority for Urban-Renewal

Maayan Spivak

Head of the Sector for Interior Affairs, Ministry of Finance, Budget Department

Malka Shneor

Deputy Chief Architect and Deputy Head of Major Planning Department, Ministry of Construction & Housing, Major Planning Department

Michal Fleisher

VP Regulation & Corporate Social Responsibility, HOT

Michal Schriebr Gelbendorf

City Architect and Director of the City Planning Department, Urban Planning Department, Municipality of Kfar Saba

Moneer Abu frieh

Deputy Director of the City Beautification Division, Municipality of Rahat

Moshe Moryossef

Director General, The Negev Development Authority

Oshik Ben-Atar

Deputy CEO, Arim – The Urban Development Company

Ofer Toder

CEO, Umm El-Fahm Municipality

Omer Vardi

The Commissioner of the Water and Sewage Corporations, Israel Water Authority

Or Shahaf

CEO, Haifa Economic Corporation

Oren Tuil

CEO, The Ashdod Municipal Corp. For Culture & Leisure Ltd (cc)

Ran Margaliot

CEO, Bartali Youth In Movement

Rani Nujedat

Senior Deputy Chief Financial Officer, Ministry of Interior

Ronen Izhak Azaria

CEO, Ramle Municiplaity

Salah Nassar

Genaral Manager, Miahcom- Water and Sanitation Corporation, Lower Galilee 

Shimon Rozilyo

CEO, Yeruham Local Council

Shirit Avitan Cohen

Political Correspondent, Globes Newspaper

Shlomo Polak

CEO, The Finance Committee, Bnei Brak Economic Development Corporation

Shoshana Lerner

Head of Economics and Initiative Promotion Department, Bnei Brak Municipality

Toffik Satawe

Director of Finance, Maghar Municipality

Tomer Gilad

CFO, Matte Asher Regional Council

Uri Hever

CEO, Local Council Kiryat Arba

Yair Kraus

Reporter, Covers the Northern Region, Environment and Health for Makor Rishon

Yaniv Shlomo

Adviser to the Commander of the Southern District, Israel Police

Yosefa Haliva

CEO, Local Council Mazkeret Batya

Zion Shenkor

Deputy District Commander, Israel Fire and Rescue Authority