Inbar Fellows

עברית  //  EN

Doua Bakry

Pediatric Department Director, Ziv Medical Center

Baruch Shtern

Bnei Brak District Director, Maccabi Health Services

Ameer Elemy

Assistant to the Hospital Director, Nazareth Hospital EMMS

Alexey Belinsky

Division Manager of Workforce Planning, Ministry of Health

Jacob Chen

Deputy CEO, Meir Medical Center

Israel Vintroub

Founder & CEO, Notni  Makom; Project Manager .of "Balancing Houses

Henda Darawsha

Medical Director Of Acute Home Hospitalization & Home Care Unit, Maccabi Health Services

Foad El Sana

Director of The Southern Negev Administration, Sothern District, Clalit Health Services


Lena Koren Feldman

Healthcare Management Resident, Community Medical Services Division, Clalit Health Services

Keren Cismariu Potash

Deputy Director of Loewenstein Rehabilitation Medical Center 

Katy Bar Shalom 

CIO, Meuhedet Health Services 

Jacob Rotschield

Head, Occupational Health Branch, IDF Medical Corps 

Miki Almakias

Head of Operations Branch, IDF Medical Corps

Michal Yehudai Yedid

Director of Nursing Infrastructure & Information Department, The Nursing Division, Ministry of Health

Lior Gilo

Chief Financial Officer, HaEmek Medical Center

Linor Rehav

Director of Social Work Service, Be'er Sheva Mental Health Center

Oren Ziv

Head of Otolaryngology, Southern District, Clalit Health Services

Ofer Almog

Head of the Combat Medicine Branch, IDF Medical Corps

Noa Shviro Roseman

Senior Physician, Tel Aviv District Health Office,  Ministry of Health

Neria Shtauber

Head of the Economics Department, Ministry of Health

Sharona Zalmanov

Director of Operations of the Health Corporation, Fliman Geriatric Medical Center

Salam Hadid

Director, Nazareth Academic School of Nursing, Nazareth Hospital EMMS

Roy Kessous

Deputy General Manager, Soroka University Medical Center

Rachel Sharon Garty

Director of Social Work, Geha Mental Health Center; Chief Wellness Officer, Clalit Health Services

Yoni Yosef

Head of the Operations and Aeromedical Department, IDF

Tzahi Stern

Director of the Northern District, Leumit Health Services